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developments from japan. while concern is growing at a nuclear power plant there. we check in live in tokyo. >>> plus steps japan is taking to stabilize their economy after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning, i'm claudine wong in for pam cook this morning. it's monday march 14th let's get a quick check of your weather with steve paulson. >> thank you. good morning. we have light rain drizzling and moving through. we're on the back edge of most of all this. occasionally light rain if you're taking off in the next hour or so. then later in the day we'll see partly sunny skies. i believe it, sal. >> yes, steve good morning. westbound highway 4 looks good. traffic is moving well up to the concord area. >>> we begin with important news with monday morning bart riders regarding the train derailment. allie rasmus joins us live with an update we received 30 minutes ago. >> reporter: bart service to san francisco from this concord bart station has been restored. it's certainly good news for a lot of commuters that depend on this ride to
hit japan in more than 100 years. there have been dozens of after shocks one with a magnitude of 7.1. >> it's really hard to say what will happen along our coast once the water moves in this direction. we want to check in with steve paulson for what is expected what the possibilities are, steve. >> we have a tsunami warning out that goes from santa barbara to cent city. it looks like that would the closest where the highest waves would be. for us here projected time is 8:08:00 a.m. at the golden gate bridge. the good news is we're going into a low tide. waves two to four feet possible. possible. this is what happened after of japan. this is called a mega thrust. it moved away. as that water has to be displaced and has to move. as it goes over the pacifics the ships would not notice it. it's when it moves closer toward shallow land. they get closer toward the coast. again, it will hit hawaii first and it will wrap around. it's not just one wave but it will wrap around. when that would happen it would be 3:00 a.m. our time. if it does arrive it would be around 8:08:00 a.m.. for now w
the steps some bay area universities are now taking to protect their students studying in japan. that's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for waking up with us it's wednesday, march 16th i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson. >> we do have cloudy skies. light rain tapering off as the rain is moving through. steady rain in the north bay. you can see it's sliding south, but there is not much of a break in the cloud cover. look for lows in the 50s with decreasing raining. >>> highway 24 lafayette looking pretty good heading up to the tunnel this morning. it's wet as we have been mentioning. also this morning's commute will be okay in oakland but the rain has just moved through here as well. let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin this morning in the situation in japan where they are desperately they are trying to prevent a meltdown at the nuclear power plant. helicopters have been sent in to dump water on the plant's reactors in an effort to cool them down. for a time today the 180 workers remaining at the plant had to leave after a serge in radiation le
at conditions for you this morning. >>> overnight the nuclear crisis in japan grows more critical. what is being done right now to prevent disaster. >>> and a major announcement on the beta breakers about the future of the race. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. >>> and good morning, thank you for waking up with us it's friday, march 18th i'm pam cook. pretty rainy overnight. is there a storm heading our way? let's check in with steve paulson. >> we do have the leading edge of a system beginning to move in. there are bursts of moderate rain but it will pick up. right now i want to give you a look at the system. we will have moderate rain. real quick let's put this in motion. there are area where is the rain is starting to pick up a little bit especially toward san francisco and the san mateo coast marin county. for an up state of what's going on and conditions on the wind it's claudine wong. >> reporter: good morning, steve. we are over here at four point in san francisco because we know the high surf advisory is coming here today. they are crashing here this morning. sometimes it felt li
grows in japan over radiation leaking from that new clear power plant. the steps japanese authorities are now telling people to take. >>> plus some good news amid all the tragedy in japan where rescuers found a woman alive four days after that earthquake and tsunami. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it's tuesday march 15th. i'm pam cook. sounds like we could get some rain this week. let's check in with steve paulson for details. >>> we will. good morning, pam. heaviest amounts will be to the north. we have a cloudy pattern. mild low 60s, mid-60s few upper 50s on the coast. north bay leading edge of the system is beginning to move in. here's sal. >>> steve, right now traffic on the golden gate bridge looks good heading to the toll plaza no major problems as you drive south. also on the san mateo bridge traffic is light heading to foster city. back to the desk. >>> all right. we begin with overnight news. san francisco police are now looking for suspects in a terrifying shooting right outside a mission district bar. ktvu's
will be diluted and would have only extremely minor health consequences. in japan helicopters continue dropping thousands of gallons of sea water in a continuing effort to prevent a meltdown. they're also trying to restore power to the plant so they can reactivate the cooling system. the u.s. government is now chartering airplanes to help u.s. citizens who want to leave japan because of the elevated radiation levels. the state department is offering voluntary evacuations to family members of government employees. >>> well, the fear of radiation is only adding to the daily stress faced by survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in japan. more than 450,000 people are now crammed into temporary shelters. they have no privacy and very few showers and toilets. meantime, rescue crews from around the world continue to help with the search for survivors. >> obviously you can see very, very difficult conditions. chance of survival are small but we do our best to see if we can get anybody. >> the search and rescue crews help family members looking for loved ones, but the results are often heartbreaking.
in libya. ktvu will cover it live. . >>> in japan a tsunami warning that had been issue the following a 6.1 after shock has been canceled. today japanese officials say radiation from that damaged nuclear plant is spreading to sea water and soil faster than originally thought. workers are racing to pump out the radio active water inside the plant. the water must be removed before work can continue to power up that plant's cooling system. >>> san francisco will join more than 150 other u.s. cities tonight holding vigils for the people of japan. it begins at 7:00 tonight right across from city hall. the vigil is to show solidarity with the people of japan and call for the end of nuclear power. today is the 32nd an verse i have -- anniversary of the three mile accident. >>> a fundraiser in napa raised $20,000 for the victim in japan. 200 people attended last nights event. that included performances and a silent auction. napa and japan have been center cities since the early 70s. >>> san diego police are trying to find out why a sailboat capsized killing two men. it happened yesterday afternoo
. >>> there is increasing pressure on japan to expand the evacuation zone around the damaged nuclear power plant. the international atomic energy agency says japanese authorities should consider expanding the zone beyond the current 12-mile radius after high levels of radiation were detected at a village 25 miles from the plant. scientists at uc berkeley are connecting their own tests on the level of radiation from japan on bay area water, milk and grass. now the tests confirm that trace radioactive particles from japan can be detected in bay area reservoirs, in the soil and in the grasses. and since cows eat the grass, the radioactivity is also showing up in milk. >> we're trying to quantify path ways of how this material gets here, how it falls down to the ground, how that then transfers to our water supply. >> the scientists emphasize though that the amount of radioactivity they're finding is extremely small and does not pose any health risk. >>> well, today is the last day shoppers can help with a fundraiser for victims of japan's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. more than a dozen s
but the reason yosemite is off limits right now. >>> strong quakes and after shocks hit japan. we have information about new tsunami warnings. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday, march 22nd i'm pam cook. it sounds like we could see a lot of rain this weekend but is it off own an showers or another big storm? steve paulson has the answers. >> a lot of questions there, pam. mainly it's cloudy. it's leading up to what will be more rain coming in tonight. the system still has a lot of rain to go. along 24 and also down toward san jose which we will look at coming up in our next segment. now to sal. >>> highway 24 traffic looks good all the way up to oakland. the lanes are clear. the morning commute will be okay on interstate 880 in oakland. it's 4:31 let's go back to pam. >>> in a few hours opening statements begin in barry bonds' perjury try million allie rasmus is live in san francisco. >> reporter: good morning, pam prosecutors are expected to lay out their case to the jury first. that will take an hour and then defense at
into work. >>> more trouble this morning for japan's power plant. why another evacuation was ordered overnight. >>> barry bonds is expected back in court today. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for waking up with on this monday morning i'm pam cook. what does this week look like? let's choke in with rosemary. >> we are unsettled. scattered showers expected once again. we are looking at the possibility of thunderstorms again. by the afternoon we will be mostly dry. notice i say mostly dry. the extended forecast will be mostly active. sal. >>> all right rosemary, right now traffic on highway 101 looks good in marin county approaching the 580 interchange. also this morning we are looking at the san mateo bridge and traffic moving well over to the peninsula. let's go back to pam. >>> winter weather slammed the bay area over the weekend and more rain is on the way. kraig debro is in marin county where flooding has produced more than a little ponding; right? >> reporter: more than a little pond. i think this thing has its own tidal wave schedule. that is
at that damaged nuclear power plant in japan this morning. japanese nuclear safety officials suspect the reactor core at one unit may have been breached. now that raises the possibility of more severe radioactive contamination. suspicions of a possible breach came after two workers waded into water that turned out to be ten thousand more times radioactive than normal. they suffered skin burns. >>> this weekend, the golden state warriors are helping to raise money for relief efforts in japan. the team will donate $5 for all remaining tickets sold to home games to want and on sunday. and they'll host a silent auction at both games with a portion of the proceeds going to japan. >>> the barry bonds perjury trial will s taking a break -- will take a break. they may call bonds' former girlfriend. now yesterday the jury heard from a doctor. he is one of the world's leading experts in detecting performance enhancing drugs and serves as the chief science officer. he talked about the side effects from using steroids. >>> the man who confessed to the killing of the oakland journalist will return to the wit
some bay area homeowners especially nervous. >>> and important new developments from japan overnight prompting new concerns about the safety of the water. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning. it's wednesday march 23rd. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it sounds like it's going to be a pretty intense weather day. meteorologist steve paulson keeping an eye on things. very windy this morning, steven. >> that is correct, pamela. not only that also rain moving in. some of these are bursts of moderate to heavy rain. you can see the system beginning to spin in. it took its sweet time getting here. we'll have more on rain and storm tracker 2. i haven't seen anything too heavy. bent low ma picked up three quarters of an inch but anything as far as rainfall in that area could be tough. we'll fine tune the forecast and look ahead to the next couple days. here's sal. >>> driving is going to be tough with the wind and rain almost all over the place. this is highway 4 as you drive up to concord. traffic is going to be busy and it's very wet. also the morning commu
workers have been injured at that nuclear power plant in japan. the workers suffered radiation burns when they stepped in to contaminated water while installing electrical cable in one of the reactor units. more than two dozen people have been injured at the plant since it was damaged in the march 11th earthquake and tsunami. >>> well, the world's biggest automaker warns it may have to curb production in north america because of a shortage of parts. toyota says most of the parts used in its u.s. and canadian factories are made in north america, but some come from japan where production was shut down after that big earthquake. toyota says it does not know yet which factories will be closed or for how long. >>> well, in just a few hours testimony resumes in barry bonds' perjury trial in san francisco. this morning the defense will continue its cross-examination of bonds' former business partner. yesterday he testified that he secretly taped bonds' trainer, greg anderson, in the giants locker room in 2003. anderson talks about cysts forming if steroids are injected in the same part of the bo
to the rebels. >>> in japan radiation detected in sea water near that damaged nuclear plant is 3,000 times the normal level. nuclear safety officials say it's a sign more contaminated water is making its way into the ocean and that is a concern but they also say it does not pose an immediate health risk. >>> it is the 30s anniversary of the attempted assassination of president ronald reagan. to mark the day his former press secretary jim brady is renewing the push for tighter gun control laws. brady was shot during that assassination test. with high unemployment and fighting in the middle east gun control is low on the priority list. >>> the condition of that 85- year-old vacaville man injured by a newspaper bomb appears to be improving. sunday morning's explosion nearly blue off one of his fingers and injured his arm and leg. we are learning his condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. still no word of a suspect in that case. >>> amtrak service should be back to normal this morning that is after train service came to a halt because of a bomb scare. a threat came in yesterday
at old mill value. classes will go on as scheduled today. >>> in japan the government has temporarily stopped using pneumonia. the vaccines came from u.s. drug makers and a french drug drugger -- and french drug maker. the deaths occurred the same day after the vaccines wered a mored. >>> right now a winter storm warning is in effect after three days. in new york forecasters are predicting about 16 inches of snow in time for this mornings commute. a flood watch is also in effect for massachusetts, rhode island, and connecticut. that storm currently baring down on the knot east is leaving devastation nit wake. a tornado touched down in rayne, louisiana after protecting her son. 12 other people were hurt. yesterday louisiana's governor toured the town and surveyed the damage. >> i want to stop by recognizing the resill yen and generosity of rayne. we will rebuild back better and stronger. >> he says there will be more -- they will know more about federal assistance after teams from the state and federal government assess the damage. right now crews are clearing properties and making sur
and grandfather all testified against him. he'll be sentenced in may. >>> in japan today, nuclear officials call the situation at that damaged nuclear plant very grave. that's after plutonium was detected in soil samples near the plant. the plant operators say the amount of plutonium in the soil is not a risk to humans, but they say the discovery is another indication that radioactive water is leaking from the plant. >>> back here in the bay area there's new information about the newspaper bomb that seriously injured a man in vacaville. sunday's explosion left its mark outside a home on castle drive. the vallejo times herald identifies the injured man. police say he was hurt when he picked up a plastic bag containing a bomb wrapped in a newspaper. it was on the lawn of his next door neighbor. federal investigators say there is growing evidence that this was a random act. >>> showing support for the san jose sharks could land you on the wrong side of a turf war. that's according to san jose police who say some gangs in the area are wearing teamjerseys and colors to represent their ties to the cit
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